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Media: Word Press, PHP, Sketch, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Skills: User Research, Wireframing, User Interface, User Experience, Web Design, Layout Design

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Goal: To redesign ENGAGE-IL website to improve its website design, user interface, accessibility and usability.

ENGAGE-IL is an interprofessional (IP) Community of Learning and Practice focused on improving the health of older adults. ENGAGE-IL offers a free online Interprofessional Geriatrics Training Program with 32 learning modules on key topics related to the care of older adults. Interprofessionals can take one or all of the modules and earn free Continuing Education credits.

ENGAGE–IL was made possible by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DDHS), HRSA GWEP Grant #U1QHP28730:  HRSA awarded $35.7 million national-wide, through 44 GWEP grants, to improve care for older adults.  UIC received $2.5 million, to develop and implement a GWEP project focusing on education and training of healthcare professionals to meet the needs of older adults, including education and training on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

GWEP supports the development of a health care workforce that improves health outcomes for older adults by integrating geriatrics with primary care, maximizing patient and family engagement, and transforming the healthcare system.

*from ENGAGE-IL website

The purpose of redesigning this website is to

  1.  Serve website as a portal to ENGAGE-IL’s free online geriatric care modules on WI College of Medicine LMS

  2. Provide a detail module information (overview, learning objectives, authors’ bio, disclosure, policies, procedures, data safety, accreditations statements) for each accredited online geriatric care modules

  3. Introduce multiple ENGAGE-IL projects and programs

  4. Serve as ENGAGE-IL apps’ marketing material


User Research

The entire ENGAGE-IL projects were geared toward the wide range of audience, including physicians, pharmacist, dentists, physical therapist, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers, medical professional students in training, geriatric patients, patient’s family members and caregivers

Key points for UI/UX design

  • Easy and self explanatory webpage navigation
  • Users with different technology literacy level and education level
  • A priority for easy Online Continuing Education modules registration and assess

Sitemap Redesign

New sitemap redesign layout was provide to ENGAGE-IL to initiate the organization of content.

Assessment Feedback & Sitemap review

sitemap_post it


Assessment feedback meeting was arranged to find out priorities and needs of the ENGAGE-IL website. ENGAGE-IL team provided more detail information about their programs and projects.  Sitemap and wireframe were redesigned based on the feedbacks and findings.

Elaborated Sitemap Schematic

As ENGAGE-IL website serves a portal to free Online Geriatric Care CE(Continuing Education) LMS (Learning Management System). More complicated content organization and sitemap were required for Online CE modules, so more delicate and complex sitemap was created.


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Color Choice

Engage color sample
ENGAGE-IL Website Color Choice

Multiple website color samples were provided to ENGAGE-IL team. ENGAGE-IL team wanted a professional look yet energetic upbringing color.

StyleSheet for WI

The stylesheet was created for the LMS (Learning Management System) team to match their LMS style with ENGAGE-IL website.